The quiet Corbyn revolution

Alex Ferguson once said football’s a funny game. I wonder what, as a socialist and Morning Star reader, he’d think about the political machinations going  on in the party he supports: general secretary Ian McNicol going to court to prevent party members from voting for their leader; also barring, via the Compliance Unit, any members – from the Left, only –  who’ve uttered a naughty cyber word in anger .  He and deputy leader Tom Watson – entrusted by Tristram Hunt to ‘keep an eye on Jeremy’ – are taking it in turns to man the hq watchtower, vigilantly peering out for deranged entryists, aka ‘trots”, “rabble”, “dogs”, who believe in the party’s original clause iv principles.

Prior to the 2015 leadership election McNicol was not running off to the court office at every spare moment filing for an action. He was content to stand at Labour h.q.’s front door, bouncer style, preventing entry to socialists. He knocked back my application so I had to sneak in at the tradesman’s entrance via my union, Community. No flat nosed clumpers checking my credentials at this gate. Community supported Yvette Cooper and fund her Changing Work Centre which argues workers need to accept we now live in a neo-liberal, neo-fuedal era: “things like nationalising power companies don’t do anything to help young people trying to build a new app or older workers stuck in precarious temporary work.” (As the blagger said to the robbery squad d.i. ‘”no comment”. It just doesn’t deserve one).

I have a rhetorical question for Tom Watson and Ian McNicol. Who are you more worried about, socialists who want to bring about fundamental progressive change to a more equitable society or neoliberal members of the party who attend the secretive, annual Bilderberg conclaves of the 0.1% of the 1%? We know the answer from your actions. Neither of you has complained about Ed Balls chumming up with Osborne, asked m.p. Helen Goodman to tell her constituents what was talked about.

For all neo-liberals, in the party and out, the success of JC’s quiet revolution would  represent a catastrophic termination of the post-war West’s primary project: establishing the global hegemony of capitalism. On a personal level it would end the Mandlesonian principle  of greed is good by slamming shut those constantly revolving doors separating parliament, Whitehall and FTSE 100 company boards.

Since 1945 the pursuit of this zero sum goal – defeating the Left in order for capitalism to triumph – has been ruthless. Operation Gladio, initially created by the U.S. and British to counter the perceived threat of Soviet invasion, morphed into a highly secretive CIA/MI6/NATO co-ordinated collection of right-wing cells committing false flag terrorist acts throughout Europe. (US National Security Council directive 10/2, issued in June 1948, explicitly outlined the  objectives of clandestine Operation Gladio.)

One of its most infamous outrages in Italy was the bombing of Bologna railway station in 1980 in which 85 innocent civilians were slaughtered. Carried out by one of its fascist subcontractors, Nuclei Armati Rivoluzioni, the blame was pinned on left wing  Brigate Rossa and succeeded by a vicious round up of anyone wearing a scarlet bandana! In Belgium, between 1982-85 Gladio operatives were responsible for gunning down dead 28 members of the public and injuring many more in a series of terrorist murders at supermarkets known as the Brabant Killings. At least one of those involved, Martial Lekeu, later worked directly for the US government as an informant for the Customs Service. Another, Jean Francois Buslik, worked at the same airfield which trained 9/11 suspect Mohammed Atta.

By using far right and fascist groups to terrorise and kill civilian populations in Europe,  the intention of the deep state was to push public opinion towards the idea that socialism represented chaos and the status quo stability. (According to the 1992 BBC2 documentary, Operation Gladio, NATO introduced a protocol for new member states in the 1950s that no far right activists would be prosecuted.)

In Germany, imprisoned members of the Bader Meinhof group committed suicide simultaneously. In the UK, the Secret Intelligence Services and the police – Special Branch and its successors – worked covertly to infiltrate legitimate pressure groups, with undercover agents even forming ‘loving’ relationships with activists. A number of trade unionists were jailed for striking and less. Perhaps the most disturbing of its non-lethal operations has been the suppression of numerous police investigations in the paedophile activities of the elites on the premise that secrets can be used as instruments of coercion. All these events, alongside many, many other abuses of power not mentioned have served the purpose of maintaining the march toward ‘full spectrum  dominance’ and the New World Order.

This is the political context in which we have understand the background to the mainstream media campaign against Jeremy Corbyn. As a ‘clean’ socialist politician with a social movement in support who doesn’t appear to have a price he represents a profound problem. Currently, the attack on him is most virulent within his own party at Westminster.  At a fund raising event for my CLP of Holborn and St Pancras our m.p. Keir Starmer – who’d just resigned from the shadow cabinet – made a speech attacking Corbyn. A few of us heckled him. After, I asked why he’d resigned. His robust  response was that JC was “only 7 out of 10 for Europe”.

A Loughborough University study of the EU campaign places Corbyn 6th out of 30 politicians for his activism in support of a yes vote. His constituency voted 72% to remain.  While he spoke at many pro-E.U. events it’s common knowledge that Corbyn has historically been sceptical of the EU as a democratic institution enabling working class Europeans to have a better life. Tony Benn argued the EU was designed to manage, control and cement the post-war transatlantic free market project. It has a built in democratic deficit for this very reason. The Treaty of Lisbon further increased the power of the EU’s unelected and unaccountable institutions and increased voting powers to the larger countries. It made easier the enforcement of restrictions on public sector investment and recommitted itself to the promotion of the market. This is also the driving rationale behind the highly secretive TTIP negotiations where, if ratified, sovereignty will be transferred from parliaments to corporations through the Investment Court System.

It is, then, seemingly dangerous to be left wing and active. It’s definitely not good for your health as the fates of Bob Crowe, Robin Cooke, Chavez, Che Guevara, Malcolm X and others show us. Peter Wright’s book Spycatcher detailed the work of renegade right-wing factions within the intelligence services who operated to undermine the democratic will. Ex-MI5 agent Colin Wallace has detailed Operation Clockwork Orange which worked to destroy the credibility of Harold Wilson’s government in the 1970s. Should this not occur organically, a coup would replace the Labour government with one headed by royal Lord Mountbatten. So blatant was plotting that Heathrow was surrounded by the army in 1974 (a tactic repeated by Tony Blair in early February 2003 in the build up to the invasion of Iraq war). Wilson, like Corbyn, was not liked by the CIA for his left of centre politics and for not committing British troops to the Vietnam War. He eventually resigned, inexplicably, in April 1976.

Is it just coincidence that when JC was elected leader of the Labour Party an a British army general warned of a possible coup should he become p.m.? (Tony Benn revealed in his last diary that he’d been told by an intelligence officer that Airey Neave had asked MI5 to kill him should he get a date to move into number 10.)

Until we have full and transparent accountability of the secret services I  worry about JC’s safety. He is the Establishment’s worst nightmare: a principled politician on the Left who is anti-war and does not have a past that can be used by MI5 to quieten him.  These are the circumstances in which accidents happen. The loyalty of both branches of the security services should be to the people, not the crown or Nato. It is up to us, the social movement that is the Quiet Revolution, to ensure this.