Clumping Chump Trump

Is it a syrup? Is it blow dried? Does he think he looks convincing? All questions about the US president elect that don’t need explaining but don’t need asking either. Yet, that didn’t stop liberal journalists  asking them as they cried onto their keyboards. The election of Trump, however, does necessitate asking and answering much more relevant questions for working people inside and out of the US. Most fundamentally – and putting aside the schadenfreude at Hitlery ‘Drone Assange’ Clinton’s defeat – what does it mean in policy terms?

He’s certainly got together an eclectic assortment of right wingnuts – read that colloquially – after his victory: Nigel Farage, Stephen Bannon, Reince Priebus, Michael Flynn. It is hard to attribute a clutch of common characteristics that apply to all these wizards of the dark arts except that they’re all Establishment mavericks:  they’re a part of the 1% but not members of its inner sanctum, except perhaps with the exception of Priebus. For the politically conscious members of the 99% the maxim ‘our enemy’s enemy is our friend’ does not work here. Trump is no friend of the working class – ask his employees – and nor are his transition team. ‘A hard rain’s gonna fall’.

What may help us – the 99% – in our duty bound resistance to his regime is the inevitable Establishment warring that will characterise his term(s) of office. He is not the Bilderbergers/Rockefellers/Rothschilds/Cercle Pinay/Committee of 300/Vatican’s (etc) anointed. That was Hitlery’s prize after bowing to Bilderberg ‘persuasion’ in 2008 when she was told to stand down in favour of Obama. She was then handed the Secretary of State sinecure with the promise that her time would come. (She had no reason to mistrust the kingmakers: husband Bill was also promised the throne and the Bilderbergers delivered.)

Internecine warring amongst the band of capitalist brothers and sisters is nailed in because Trump threatens the core values of the neocon project. Over 70 years in the making the self-styled,  Masters of the Universe have come very close to achieving their goals of tariff free trade, regulation-light employment, free movement of labour, a regressive (global) tax environment and perpetual war. Trump, with his campaign slogan of ‘making America great again’ – to be achieved by imposing import duties, immigration controls and isolationism – threatens these  gains. Everything the Bilderbergers, the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds, the Council for Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, the EU, JP Morgan, Citibank and their numerous allies have plotted and conspired to achieve is now at risk with the election of an ahistorical president – though a plutocrat – standing outside their tent pissing in.

In early May this year a New York radio station, superstation95,  reported that a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) deportation officer had plotted up inside Pier 40 at Hudson River Park and shot his head away. This (apparent) tragic  suicide was newsworthy in itself. What made it an even stronger headline candidate was his suicide note. It didn’t talk of his wife/girlfriend/partner leaving him; the death of  a child; unplayable debts. Instead, it outlined a nightmare that he felt was soon to become reality for working class Americans. (This is six months before Trump’s election!) No MSM would touch the story.

He warned that the government, his employer, was planning for war against those who paid its wages. This Deep State engineered dystopia involved training people like him to shoot dead citizens who protest against the unavoidable and impending economic collapse. There would be mass imprisonment, without trial, of anyone deemed a ‘threat’,  warehoused in ‘detention camps’ equipped with the machinery capable of mass murder.

Shivering?  Too unbelievable to be taken seriously? The ramblings of a loon with a death wish? Maybe. But, remember, the thought that 9/11 was an inside job used to be considered too outrageous for consideration. Now, after alternative explanations have had time to filter into the public consciousness, a range of opinion polls show a continually growing proportion of Americans feel their government lied to them. The seemingly insane argument that the very people and organisations entrusted to protect – the executive, the CIA, the NSA – had conspired with foreign agencies to commit mass murder against them is losing its mad tinge. Why? Because in this era of globalisation the no-man’s land between madness and sanity is disappearing.

There’s more. Our loon/people’s hero also explained why police patrolling inner cities now resemble robotic, looting, assassins.It is to prepare for this social and economic Armageddon rather than as a response to current events. Young Black men are nothing more than training collateral, used to acclimatise officers in the act of killing rebellious citizens. We need to see this in the context of a downsizing and downgrading of the domestic presence of the US military which is being both privatised and continually exported abroad to further US corporate power and profits . And when public services are privatised not only do they usually deteriorate but democratic control also goes. (Unsurprisingly, Cheney and Halliburton have made billions from contracts ‘won’ from the US military).

The Masters of the Universe endgame is a global government of corporations. The secret  Trans-Pacific Partnership (TTP) and its European cousin, the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) treaties embed the investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS) legal structure allowing corporations to sue governments for any loss of profits that the latter’s policies may ’cause’. This demotion of the power of the people as expressed through their governments passes sovereignty to an unelected, undemocratic plutocracy. Seemingly, inexplicably, Obama has been desperate to get these treaties signed off before his presidency ends. Has there ever been an elected president or prime minister so eager to both emasculate themselves and the people they represent? All becomes clear, however, if we accept that Obama was the Bilderberger’s chosen one.

This also helps us understand another draconian presidential action cited by the aptly-named ICE officer, executive order 13603 signed on March 16, 2012.  The decree allows for federal requisition of life-sustaining commodities such as food, water, energy, pharmaceuticals, transport and labour during times of crisis. Its implementation covers “the full spectrum of emergencies” and would, in effect, create a condition of slavery and serfdom.

The term ‘full spectrum’ is loved by the neocons. They use it like a mantra in their blueprint for their New World Order (NWO), Project for the New American Century (PNAC). The institution was established after the decline of the Soviet Union. Its eponymous mission statement boldly (and coldly) declared the US should establish ‘full spectrum’ dominance across the globe: global hegemony, power and control in all areas of political, economic, cultural life.

Key contributors and supporters of PNAC included Bush administration hawks  Cheney, Rumsfeld, Perle, Wolfowitz, Bolton and McCain. Their plans for control of Middle East oil envisaged creating ‘constructive chaos’, a scenario that needs no further clarification. This would be precipitated by a cataclysmic event necessitating a unified response by the US and its allies, aka Nato. So, 9/11 and the war on terror. An infinite war of no boundaries; a modern working of the seminal maxim, divide and rule. And through the creation of a continually metamorphosing invisible enemy – Mujahdeen, Taliban, al Qaeda, ISIS/Daesh – all manner of repressive laws can be enacted domestically in a zero sum game, liberty traded for ‘security’.

Yet, this is nothing new in principle just in scale. States of Emergency had been declared, at one time or another, in most western European countries since 1945. Indeed, Deep State phenomena such as Operation Gladio and Cercle Pinay have worked tirelessly (often in co-operated) to bring such situations about.  (I’ve written about Operation Gladio in an earlier blog, The Quiet Corbyn Revolution.)

The ultra-secretive, pan-European and Anglo-American, Cercle Pinay (CP), has been described as Bilderberg’s evil twin because of the preponderance of ex- and serving security service and armed forces personnel burrowing underground in its service. Since its formation in the early 1950s to co-ordinate an anti-communist Franco-German approach to European unity it has conspired to control national  agendas through social and political destabilisation. A founding member was Jean Monet, a CIA asset and key player in the formation of what is now the European Union.

By the 60s CP had evolved into an organisation primarily active in the UK. Headed by security services ‘alongsider’, Brian Crozier, it built close links with MI5 and MI6 and the Foreign Office. Under Crozier’s direction, CIA involvement and dollars increased.  Large corporations such as Shell, BP, Gulf Oil and the Ford Foundation also threw money and human resources at this Deep State cell. It doggedly pursued a ‘strategy of tension’, aiming to create a sense of unease in the general populace with left wing governments and trade unions.

CP propaganda organs were the Forum World Features magazine and their Institute for the Study of Conflict (ISC). ISC chairman, Leonard Shapiro, later became Thatcher’s foreign policy adviser. This could be seen as a payoff for CP’s instrumental role in covertly achieving a number of successes during the 70s: as her praetorian guard in dethroning Heath and ensuring her elevation as Tory leader; the resignation of Labour pm Wilson and the concomitant formation of a  ruling class cabal, led by Lord Mountbatten, willing to assume power through an army-led coup (evidenced by the military’s sudden encirclement of Heathrow); and Thatcher’s election victory.

With their black propaganda, secretive operations and death threats (against union leaders) the CP, along with their Bilderberg co-conspirators, had helped engineer a reshaping of British politics in the 1970s. They were an integral feature of the Deep State and were instrumental in setting up private armies, such as Unite and Civil Assistance, ready to support a coup.

Thatcher’s first administration was quick to set in place  a neocon agenda: public services slashed, taxes for the wealthy reduced, privatisation and of course, a foreign war. She was also speedy in inviting Crozier and his associates to her office for discussions on the way forward soon after her election victory in 1979.

Her clandestine support for them and its successor, Six I (6I), during the 80s was unwavering. Crozier was indispensable during her pre-planned campaign on the organised working class during the 1984-85 Miners Strike in which state sanctioned violence was used to achieve political ends. A 6I activist, David Hart, created the Working Miners Committee, a scab organisation working to spread disunity and force defeat upon the striking miners.

Various UK politicians were reputedly involved in CP and its successor, 6I, including  Margaret Beckett, Jonathan Aitken, Norman Lamont, William Hague, Lord Chalfont and Michael Ancram. They carried the neocon torch during the cold war until PNAC, which also included British politician Glenys Kinnock as one of its founding signatories.

Interestingly, Croziers’s 2012 obituary in the Guardian by Richard Norton-Taylor made no mention of Crozier’s involvement in CP, evidence perhaps that the spook milieu inhabited by deceased was alive and active amongst broadsheet journalists.

This is the backstory to Trump’s election. For whatever reasons, he has been excluded from this grand project. From what we know he has never been invited to: Bilderberg; speak to the Council of Foreign Relations; sit in with the Trilateral Commission.  Because he’s not a Skull and Bones secret oather, an oilman, general, banker or (hitherto) politician? Because he’s as yet untamed and still kicking out his hind legs? Who knows?

What they – the Rockefellers/Rothschilds, Big Oil, Military-Industrial complex, Agribusiness,  Pharma, internet/surveillance/high tech industries and their political organising committees like PNAC, Bilderberg and CP – also know is that decades of plotting, planning, killing, destroying, conspiring has the potential to go down the crapper if he’s not roped in. Their cherished NWO of corporate supremacy, immeasurable wealth and absolute power for which so much time and energy has been expended is seriously threatened.

In the UK the election of Corbyn as leader of the Labour Party, the EU referendum result and the child abuse inquiry all contribute to this sense of growing unease amongst an elite whose ability to wreak havoc domestically and globally has been unchallenged for four decades. Both Trump and Corbyn present immense opportunities to build resistance to the neocon project, but for very different reasons.

Trump is opposed by his own kind and a good proportion of the rest of us. He will have to fight on two fronts. And, in the knowledge of this,  like Hitler, he has immediately sought rapprochement with Russia order to allow him to concentrate on his enemies within. But the resistance that has blossomed since the first Wednesday in November will inevitably grow. If he attempts to act on his campaigning rhetoric, forces from below and above will be further galvanised. If he gets dragged into the neocon tent and forced to continue with their project, he will feed and fuel greater resistance from below. And the KKK white hoods won’t be any match for groups like Black Lives Matter.

Corbyn is a left activist who voices an alternative, socialist narrative at national and international level. This opportunity has been missing in British politics for a very long time. He inspires confidence in people in struggle.  The party has hundreds of thousands of new members and he is bolstered by a growing social movement organised by Momentum. Despite the 1% using as much soft power as possible through news manipulation by ‘alongsiders’ like Kuensberg and Katz at the BBC and their fellow assets in the MSM he leads the party with a stronger mandate than he was first elected.

The  stakes are enormously high. Where ever you are, if you’re part of the 99% please don’t sit on the side hoping and praying. Get involved in stopping the neocons and the 1%. We have no choice. There is no alternative.